I first met Brendan Davis as a prospective student at Ithaca College. We were both finalists for the full ride scholarship, which neither of us won. But that “setback” didn’t set either of us back. We charged ahead with doing what we loved. For me, it was journalism and environmental activism. For Brendan, it was video storytelling and athletics. And both of us are guided by a sense of adventure and social responsibility.

Brendan creates his inspiring videos under the banner of “Rás Life.” In his manifesto video for Rás Life, he encourages viewers to not allow work and unnecessary things to consume their lives, and to find “real moments,” which could be skydiving , but also visiting family, finding a new swimming hole, or riding your bike with friends. 

Brendan in my van. FAITH MECKLEY

“I want people to realize their own moments and start possessing their own passions, whatever they might be,” he says in the video.

Brendan’s message with Rás Life has always been inspiring for me, and in many ways it encompasses the way I have always approached life.

I was delighted when, back in June, as I was preparing to hit the road, Brendan asked me to come visit him in his hometown before he left for Costa Rica. And while I passed through, he wanted to make a short video about me and my van.

He showed me a couple of his favorite spots near his home in the Hudson Valley, which were just breathtaking. We talked about life and college and stress and climate change. It was a great day to have in my home state before I drove away into the unknown, solo. And I was glad for an opportunity to say farewell to a dear friend.

Here is the result of our day together. I am so stoked to the subject of one of Brendan’s videos! Be sure to follow/subscribe to Brendan and The Rás Life. And most importantly, be sure to live the Rás Life. In whatever way makes sense to you.

Follow The Ras Life:

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf5BruWK-7p8cJgj-jqYfxQ

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/theraslife

Twitter: @theraslife, @brendandaviz

Instagram: @theraslife


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