If nothing else, this adventure has taught me that plans change. Sometimes it can be used to let go of plans. Sometimes you let people you care about down in the process. You have to embrace uncertainty, face your fears, and live off hopes and dreams. You have to let go and trust yourself.

I was supposed to settle into Steamboat Springs, a Colorado ski town, for the winter and spring. Save up some cash for summer adventures. Be with someone I love. And, don’t get me wrong, Steamboat Springs is a beautiful place, but I’ve known since I got there that it felt wrong.

I know where I need to be. And it’s in this camp in North Dakota where a bunch of crazies like me are surviving the brutal winter, right in the path of a pipeline. Right in the path of history. You may know it as Standing Rock. I’m leaving behind someone I care about, and I’ve got almost no money left. I’m gambling it all on going back, but I know it’s a gamble I need to take.

Sometimes you have to leave a place before you realize it’s where you need to be. Sometimes you have to leave someone before you realize how all the colors of the world are more vibrant when you’re with them.

Turns out I’m not the only heartsick fool who needs to go back. So first, I’m picking up a friend in South Fork, CO.

It’s always scary, but the best times of my life have stemmed from moments like this, moments where you just say:

“Fuck it! I need to go.”


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