When I bought Hayduke (2000 Chevy Express van, 1500) last year, I thought I would probably drive him until he didn’t work anymore. But, as I’ve said before, plans change. Hayduke can’t come with Alex and I to Australia, and we plan on being gone for quite a while. I’d rather see the van enjoyed by a new owner than have it sit in a driveway and rust into oblivion.

Alex and I would like to sell Hayduke in the form that suits him best: a van-home. Our asking price is $3,200. Keep reading for more details, and click on the photo collages for a slideshow.

As is, Hayduke comes with a 6’6″ long bed that can comfortably sleep two, a shelving unit with two shelves, and hidden storage space beneath the bed and beneath the lower shelf. There are coat hangers on either side of the shelving unit, and blinds for the back windows. The floor is fully carpeted.

A fully-functional solar system is also included. There is a single 100 watt flexible solar panel on the roof, and a water-tight entry point for the wiring. Inside, the charging station includes a car battery and battery box, a solar charge controller, a solar display meter, and 4 charging ports. Also installed is an LED light that runs off the solar system instead of the van’s battery. With purchase, we would also include our power inverter and our maintenance kit for the solar system.

Hayduke has clocked a total of 125,047 miles in his travels. He also has a fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector installed inside.

Issues/upcoming mechanical maintenance needed:

  • The catalytic converter is running at low-efficiency and will require replacing in order to meet emissions standards for inspection. Knowing this is an expensive repair, we lowered the original asking price we had in mind ($4,000).
  • The body of the van could benefit from some thorough rust-proofing.
  • The undercarriage of the van has significant rusting.
  • I would recommend replacing the car battery used in the solar system with an AGM deep cycle battery.

Recent completed mechanical maintenance (will provide receipts of repair history):

  • New fuel pump and fuel filter
  • New distributor cap and ignition rotor
  • Brake system overhaul – new shoes and pads (comes with lifetime warranty from Midas)
  • New car battery – 800 cold cranking amps
  • New gas tank
  • New oil pan
  • One new tire, other three in great condition

Although it’s come time to part ways with my beloved van after nearly a year of cross-country shenanigans, the adventure for Alex and I is only just beginning. We have some exciting things in the works, and we hope to be sharing them with you soon.

I hope that for someone out there, purchasing Hayduke will be the start of a whole new adventure. Please contact us at faithmeckley@gmail.com with any questions or if you think you are interested in buying the van.


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