Hayduke the 2000 Chevy Express van is in for another great ride. One of my close friends, Kris Bosela, purchased Hayduke not long before Alex and I left for Australia. He’s been busy making all sorts of modifications to the van and turning it in to his very own mobile home.

I know many of you followed this blog because you were interested in the van life, so I thought you might like to see Hayduke’s next adventure. Kris has been really creative with the renovations, and I’m actually a little envious of his set up! If you want to get some ideas for your own van life adventure, you’ll definitely want to follow along.

Kris and Hayduke! Photo by Kris Bosela

Not only is Kris being inventive with the interior set up, he’s also being inventive with his entire approach to van life. He wants to use Hayduke not to escape into America’s greater nowheres like I did, but to foster and nourish community. His message and aspirations are incredibly inspiring, and he’s started a blog so that he can share his ideas and progress with the world.

So, head over to https://communitydrivensite.wordpress.com/ and hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss a thing. You can also follow Kris on Instagram @kriswithak1205

Here’s a snippet from Kris’ first blog post:

“On my way to finishing my Doctoral degree for Physical Therapy and starting my career as a Travel PT, I want to live in a way that brings purpose to everything I do. I will be reflecting on my challenges, sharing my successes, spinning tales of crazy adventures, and otherwise telling my story about what I am doing and why it is so important for me to share it. Everything that I am doing this year I want to center around the following three values: SERVICE TO OTHERS. BUILDING COMMUNITY. FOLLOW MY PASSIONS.”

If you still want to follow mine and Alex’s adventures, here’s where you can find us (as this blog is no longer active):


Instagram: @theearthlingdream

Twitter: @earthlingdream

Facebook: The Earthling Dream

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/theearthlingdream

Snapchat: faithmeckley


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